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Grass type indoor plants

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Градинарството Помогнете за търсенето. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about garden plants. You will find concise information on general gardening techniques as well as plant selection and care. For detailed information on specific plant pests and problems refer to our Common Garden Pests and Problems page. Do you have additional gardening questions?

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Fiber Optic Grass

Therefore, the less effort these seed plants take to grow, the better. Which indoor plants should you get? What are the easiest indoor plants to grow from seed? The easiest indoor plants to grow from seed include:. If you read our article on houseplants your cat can eat , then you remember cat grass was at the top of that list.

It comes from northern Africa and parts of Asia and Europe. The reason most people call it cat grass is because your kitty friends can eat it safely. In fact, cat grass can induce a mood boost in felines, which does actually affect a large portion of the cats that eat it.

To grow cat grass from seed, use a shallow, slim container. Make sure it has drainage holes. Get the soil somewhat wet and then add your seeds. Place the container somewhere at home where it will receive indirect light. Maintain your room temperature and put plastic wrap over the container as well. Within several days, the first traces of your cat grass should appear. Take the plastic wrap off and transfer the container to a room where it gets more sunlight at this point.

Let the grass grow to at least four inches and then feed to your kitty! The Lithops belongs to the Aizoaceae family, which includes many other ice plants. Its name comes from Greek words that refer to its stone-like appearance. The living stone grows in parts of the world like southern Africa, but you can plant it at home as well.

The appeal of this houseplant is the wealth of colors, textures, and shapes it boasts. Want to plant some living stone with seeds? Begin by combining perlite with potting mix. Make sure you have the same quantities of both. Then pour some water on the mixture and transfer it to a pot. This should have drainage holes near the top. Next, put in your seeds.

Mist your soil, doing this again and again as needed during germination. A glass pane is another alternative. Keep your living stone in a space where it gets sun and warmth, anywhere from 65 through 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Germination can happen quickly, in two weeks, or more slowly, over about 12 weeks. Once that time elapses, take the plastic wrap off. Move the seedlings to their own pots by the one-year mark. With about 1, species, the Cactaceae family is quite a cramped one.

You can grow plenty of indoor cacti, including:. This can be cacti compost or anything else loamy. Make sure the compost has a gritty and moist texture as well. Push your seeds down a bit into the soil. Next, apply your fine grit or vermiculite until the compost has a good layer of the stuff. Then place a plastic bag over the seeds and leave the cactus somewhere warm.

Wait for a few weeks and the seedlings should sprout up. When the compost begins to dry out, water it. Mist in between watering. It may take a while, but the seedlings will soon become cacti. By then, you need to put each one in their own pot using tweezers and gloves.

A personal favorite of ours, the Spathiphyllum or peace lily provides big rewards even for beginner gardeners. To plant your peace lily via seeds, you need to watch how much potting soil you add. Depending on the size of the seeds, you may need more or less soil. Then, moisten the soil with water. They also get softer. Both of these signs are normal, as they indicate maturity. While this articles includes some of the easiest indoor plants for beginners to grow from seed, the plants on this list are not necessarily the fastest growing house plants.

These Gesneriaceae family members have six to 20 species, so you can have lots of fun growing all the varieties of African violet at home or in your office. For instance, you could plant it outdoors as well as indoors. Make sure you have pasteurized peat moss, perlite, milled coconut, or a similar medium for this plant.

You want to apply some water to the medium until it becomes moist. Then transfer your medium to the seed starters and water again. Put your seeds in and then tighten some plastic wrap over the seed cells. The seeds should sit close to the grow lights, no further than 10 inches.Give them lots of light for 12 to 14 hours each day. The plastic wrap, which should stay on for a while, maintains the right humidity. Once the seedlings have a width of two inches, take the plastic wrap off and transfer the growing African violets to a pot.

It also grows quickly, making it an ideal addition to any indoor garden. Before you can ever begin growing English ivy from seeds, make sure the seeds have a nice residency in your fridge, staying in there for one or two months.

From there, take the seeds and plunk them in a bowl of water. Keep this water at room temperature and then let the seeds sit until morning. Prepare your seeds, one for each tray section. The seeds should sit firmly in the soil but not be buried. Then water a little, but not to the point of saturation. Maintain soil moisture and seedlings should start to grow! Hailing from South Africa, the asparagus fern decorates many gardens, so why not yours as well?

You can use asparagus fern berries as a source for the seeds, since they contain at least a seed each some berries have up to three seeds! All asparagus seed berries can cause skin irritation, though, so never touch them without gloves!

To get the seeds, cut open the berry a little. Applying sandpaper or scarifying the seeds can also begin germination. Pop them in warm water and wait 24 hours. Moisten the mix and cover the seeds in it. Mist the soil, add some plastic wrap, and keep the seeds in a room temperature environment. In three to four weeks, germination should occur.

Then the seedlings need more direct sunlight. The appealing coleus plant has vivid leaves with hues like purple, green, and pink, but you must keep it out of direct sunlight to maintain that color. You can pick from a handful of coleus species to grow indoors, including:.

Start your coleus growing adventure by covering a container with fine starting soil. Then add your seeds. Maintain soil moisture and temperature, which should be 65 to 85 degrees.

This plant likes bottom heat best. It takes a while for the seedlings to appear, anywhere from 12 to 21 days. Once that happens, the coleus will need more light, so keep the houseplant on your windowsill.

You can also use fluorescent plant lights to encourage growth, keeping these on for at least 16 hours. The seedlings must sit three or four inches from the light.

If you want to grow a plant ASAP from seeds, try vegetables such as peas, beans, and especially radishes. The outer coat of the seed needs water, as it triggers a germination enzyme in the radish. If you do this, you should see growth in as little as six days, sometimes eight! While this does have its benefits, you have to be careful.

You should only soak the seeds for 24 hours. Share this post with someone else that loves indoor plants! I'm good at listening to music but bad at shopping to muzak.

This guide to money tree plant care will ensure yours grows tall and healthy and avoids the The fenestrations that are a trademark of the Swiss cheese plant are not dissimilar from those of the Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma.

Being certain of which houseplant is in your care is critical, and

23 of the Easiest Houseplants You Can Grow

Most plants need some light in order to grow, but shade-loving plants can easily get by with indirect light, or even artificial light from regular light bulbs. Chinese evergreen is a durable plant that tolerates a fair amount of neglect. Mature plants produce lovely, white blooms that resemble calla lilies. Chinese evergreen thrives in very low light or under a regular bulb, and too much light will scorch the leaves. Choose a variety with darker leaves, as variegated types with cream or silver markings require a bit more light. It also withstands a dry environment and thrives with sporadic watering. Also known as swiss cheese plant, monstera shows off with big, bold, heart-shaped leaves that develop interesting holes or splits as the plant matures.

Shop Nearly Natural artificial and silk grass plants; catering to 19” Sweet Grass Artificial Plant in Embossed Black Planter (Indoor/Outdoor).

Growing Ornamental Grass In Pots

Therefore, the less effort these seed plants take to grow, the better. Which indoor plants should you get? What are the easiest indoor plants to grow from seed? The easiest indoor plants to grow from seed include:. If you read our article on houseplants your cat can eat , then you remember cat grass was at the top of that list. It comes from northern Africa and parts of Asia and Europe. The reason most people call it cat grass is because your kitty friends can eat it safely.

Hawaiian plants

Известие за c stomer - Поради настоящото търсене на куриер, може да има забавяне на доставката, се извиняваме за неудобството. Моля, обърнете внимание: Следващата ни дата на изпращане ще бъде вторник на 4 януари.Тревите трябва да имат своето място, за да внесат спокойствие и спокойствие в градините от всякакъв размер. Те са отличителна група, която помага да се създаде релаксираща атмосфера, тъй като зеленината им нежно шумоли на вятъра, както и добавят безценен архитектурен усет към градината. Тревите също действат като интересен контраст с други растения и могат да се използват ефективно в сензорната градина или за омекотяване на зони с твърдо озеленяване.

Магазинът Xera Plants е затворен през зимата, но можете да правите поръчки по имейл за вземане от магазина в избрани часове за получаване.

За да продължите, моля, потвърдете, че не сте робот.

Ако сте склонни да отглеждате едни и същи стари стайни растения година след година, може би е време за промяна. Опитайте декоративна трева, за да вдъхнете нов живот на колекцията си от стайни растения. Тези впечатляващи растения се предлагат в разнообразие или форми и цветове, които се поддават добре на отглеждане във вътрешността. Това сенчесто многогодишно растение процъфтява при ярка непряка светлина вътре в дома и изисква малко грижи, освен поливане, когато почвата е суха. Дивият шип Cyperus alternifolius, известен още като чадърно растение, достига височина от 30 инча.

15 перфектни декоративни треви за вашия двор

Декоративните треви са универсални растения, които могат да осигурят красота през всичките четири сезона във всяка градина или пейзаж. Тези треви са ценени заради тяхната издръжливост, лекота на грижи, бърз растеж, драматичен тънък вид и голямо разнообразие от цветове и размери. Те могат да бъдат засадени за много различни цели. Те могат да се използват като акцентиращи растения в пейзажа, в многогодишни граници, за да добавят уединение или дори насаждения в контейнери. Някои треви могат дори да помогнат за контрол на ерозията. Вижте тези декоративни сортове, които да опитате във вашата градина. Ще ви хареса как изглеждат, движещи се грациозно на бриз. Затваряне на менюто.

Търсачката на растения е тук, за да ви помогне да намерите идеалните растения за всяко градинско пространство. Всички растения. Тип.

Среща се на влажни места, расте като маргинално водно растение или в пясъчни или торфени райони близо до морето в родния си ареал в Западна и Южна Европа, Британските острови, Северна Африка, западното крайбрежие на Северна Америка, Калифорния до Британска Колумбия и Аляска, Австралия и Нова Зеландия. Тези лесни за отглеждане растения растат изправени като младо растение и след това грациозно увисват, когато узреят. Малките крайни цветни глави на оптична трева. На върха на всяко листо се образуват малки цветчета.

Декоративните треви се превърнаха в популярни деца в клас. Повечето от тези листни приятели са многогодишни, лесни за поддръжка и привлекателният външен вид има значение само за растенията, а не хората. Но тревите могат да имат недостатъци; някои ще се възползват от ситуациите за разпространение, ако им се даде възможност. Такъв е случаят с непокорната лентова трева. Тъй като се разпространява бързо през коренищата, ширината е променлива. Засаждането му в култивирана градина може да бъде проблем, а засаждането извън поддържани градини на открити пространства, където може да задуши местни диви цветя и треви, не се препоръчва.

Пеперомиите са разнообразна група от малки, лесни за грижа стайни растения с восъчни и често силно текстурирани листа. Някои от любимите ни разновидности включват пеперомия с вълни, пеперомия от диня, бебешко каучуково растение и сребърна пеперомия.

Растенията с изкуствена трева са прости, елегантни и ефективни за стилизиране на вашето пространство. В този отдел ще намерите изкуствени тревни растения за вътрешна и външна употреба. Използвайте филтъра вляво на страницата, за да посочите вашите изисквания. Кликнете върху продуктите, за да намерите по-конкретна информация. Растенията с изкуствена трева са универсален продукт за оживяване на вашето пространство. Техният прост и елегантен дизайн ги прави подходящи за много стилове на декора, добавяйки текстура и характер.

Повече информация ". Декоративните треви и подобните на трева растения са ценени в домашните пейзажи заради тяхната издръжливост, лекота на грижи, драматичен външен вид и голямото разнообразие от налични цветове, текстури и размери. Декоративните треви са ценени добавки в ландшафтния дизайн.


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